ISSUE: Playland has suffered a decline in attendance and revenue for a number of years. One aim of the County RFP is to reverse this trend.

We are convinced that the continuance of Playland as a family amusement park will be a profitable venture. We intend to apply our professional abilities and experience together with a strong financial commitment to Keep it Playland and achieve the goals as set by Westchester County.
We are confident that our company will perform on the highest level and deliver the impacts and results as described in our proposal.

Our Internal Strengths

We are unshaken in our belief that Playland should remain a family amusement park and are confident that we can turn its misfortunes into success. Our strengths are based upon a number of things; the long history of worldwide experience of Alberto Zamperla and his staff, the strong financial and production partnership with Zamperla rides, CAI’s successful track record in planning, building and operating amusement parks in and around the Playland market area, and our professional team. Led by CAI President Valerio Ferrari, the team for Playland also includes two Directors of CAI’s metro area parks as well as other professionals representing all major disciplines within the industry. The team has been further augmented by one of Playland’s most effective former directors and the most knowledgeable architect concerning Playland’s construction and historic designation.

Visible Impacts

We have pledged a major and ongoing commitment to Playland in our Proposal. During the first five years alone, of what we hope will be a thirty year lease, we are committed to the following:

    • We will make a total monetary investment of $30,444, 350.
    • We will deliver new replacement rides at an unprecedented rate thus elevating the excitement and attractiveness of Playland.
    • We will refurbish and maintain the historical rides and keep them running for all to enjoy.
    • We will transform Mini Golf to Adventure Golf.
    • We will transform the pool to a Water Playground.
    • We will establish a Children’s Center on the Boardwalk.
    • We will continue to operate the Ice Casino and make improvements.
    • We will establish a free admissions policy with family friendly pricing.
    • In addition to extensive safety training we shall train all of our staff in a professional customer service program.
    • We will embark upon a major marketing campaign to ensure success.
    • We will provide a full family entertainment program in the park and on the stage.
    • We will provide a concert series with popular artists.
    • We will continue fireworks shows.
    • We will introduce an entertainment element into food preparation and presentation.
    • We are strong supporters of the Children’s Museum and will work closely to provide programs of edutainment featuring education combined with fun for visiting children and their families.


    • We will immediately move Playland away from Westchester County’s expense ledger and put it onto the revenue generating side of the budget.
    • We will relieve Westchester County from its financial operating burden.
    • We will pay Westchester County rent.
    • We will provide infrastructure improvements which Westchester County will own.
    • We will provide rehabilitation and upkeep of the park’s historical structures at no cost to Westchester County.
    • We will follow “Green” and environmentally friendly policies in our projects.
    • We will provide the greatest infusion of new replacement rides in Playland’s history. Westchester County will become the ultimate owner of these replacement rides.
    • We will transform Mini Golf to Adventure Golf at no cost to Westchester County which shall eventually own the asset.
    • We will convert the pool to a state of the art Water Playground at no cost to Westchester County which shall eventually own the asset.
    • We will establish and program a new Children’s Center at no cost to Westchester County.
    • We will work with the Children’s Museum to provide programs of edutainment combining education and fun for children and their families.
    • We will work with Westchester schools and community organizations to establish a local hiring program.
    • We will seek relationships with schools and colleges to establish meaningful internships and credited courses for those seeking a career in the amusement industry.

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