The 5 E’s

Westchester County’s Request For Proposals indicated that each proposal shall be required
to demonstrate its ability within five specific areas.

Known as The Five E’s, these areas are Economics, Environment, Entertainment, Experience and Expectations.

The following depicts how our Proposal meets this requirement: Five E’s of the CAI RFP project for Rye Playland.


Does the proposal offer a financially viable long term business model?

    • Our Proposal transforms Playland from a taxpayer burden to a revenue producer for the County. We will pay rent, assume all operation costs and invest in historic preservation and infrastructure projects.
    • We are the only proposing company which is fully established, having a track record of success in fixed amusement parks.
    • We have the demonstrated financial strength to completely support our proposal and supply new replacement rides at an unprecedented rate while investing $30 million during the first five years alone.
    • We have submitted the most detailed spending plan for infrastructure, preservation of historic structures, new rides and attractions.


Is the proposal appropriate to local surroundings, area zoning and environment?

    • We will establish LEED targets where appropriate, incorporate sustainable and green practices, use green building materials, include the use of energy reducing lighting and appliances and explore alternative energy sources.
    • Unlike others we provide a focus on edutainment as we propose to offer our projects to the Children’s Museum as teaching tools.
    • Our Proposal stands alone in offering a detailed plan to rehabilitate historic structures under acknowledged expert supervision.
    • We will work to preserve the ecology of the Long Island Sound while maintaining full public access to the Seaside Walk and Read Sanctuary.


Is the CAI Proposal consistent with the purpose of an Amusement Park?

    • We will KEEP IT PLAYLAND, a fully public family amusement park, open to all without restricted use policies and practices.
    • We will provide all aspects of safe and fun family entertainment with a return to free admission and friendly pricing designed to attract the entire family.
    • We will re-introduce customer service training for our staff as we work with an award winning company.
    • We offer the most progressive program as we will incorporate edutainment programs jointly with the Westchester Children’s Museum and through our new Children’s Center.
    • As the only proposer with demonstrated company success as a fixed amusement park planner developer, and operator, enhanced by our relationship with Zamperla Inc., we are best suited to provide the newest replacement rides, preservation of the historical rides and highest quality entertainers, presentations and overall family entertainment experience.


Can the County feel confident about the proposer’s track record with respect to finances, customer service safety and deadlines?

    • CAI and Zamperla are established, well known and respected companies in the amusement park industry. CAI has a record of safety and success in the United States and Europe. Zamperla is involved in a myriad of industry activities in 25 countries.
    • We offer the most complete company experience. CAI is a successful brand operating in the New York Metro area and we have included a former Playland Director on our team.
    • We have worked with governments and in historically sensitive areas to achieve positive results.
    • We have a demonstrated company track record in planning, developing and operating safe and friendly amusement parks and are best suited to preserve Playland’s history and grandeur while bringing it successfully into the future.


Is this proposal realistic?

    • Attendance at amusement parks is rising throughout the country, especially in regional parks. Through our resources and experience as a company, we are best suited to bring this successful reality to Playland with effective management and marketing, innovation, the best in new rides and entertainment, free admission and family friendly pricing.
    • We will preserve Playland’s past by continuing its mission as a family park and restoring its landmark rides, grandeur and tradition. We will embrace its future through enhanced entertainment offerings, new replacement rides, and the introduction of a Water Playground and Adventure Golf. Taking Playland even further into the future we shall also introduce the concept of edutainment at our Children’s Center and cooperatively with the Children’s Museum.
    • Through our new Children’s Center, cooperative programming with the Children’s Museum, Adventure Golf, Water Playground, Ice Casino and the Amusement Park, Playland will truly become a place where there will be activity on a year round basis.
    • We will work with local organizations and schools to enhance local hiring and to establish internships and college courses for our staff.
    • Our resources, creativity, and experience uniquely qualify us to preserve all that is historic and traditional while improving Playland’s upkeep as we bring it into the 21st century. We look forward to working with Westchester County and the local community to begin the next successful chapter in Playland’s history.

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